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From the Archives: Week 5

Here are the latest treasures surfaced from the archives of and bookleteer’s own Public Library. Follow the series day by day on twitter at #makingreading:

  1. Double culpability/ double subjectivity: Thomson & Craighead’s A Short Film about War by Lisa Le Feuvre (2010)
  2. Dal Riata – A Little Tactile History Of A Scottish Kingdom by Alastair Somerville (2014)
  3. A Conversation Between Trees by Active Ingredient (2011)
  4. Excavations in the Temple Precinct of Dangeil, Sudan by Julie Anderson & Salah Mohamed Ahmed (2010)
  5. Beasts and Super Beasts by Saki [H H Munro] (1914/2008)
  6. Recollections by Harold Lun (2014)
  7. Trail Song by Julie Myers (2009)