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Inspiration From the Archives

Over the past four weeks I have been making selections from our archives of some of the most wonderful publications I have had the privilege of commissioning, supporting or creating. Here is the first batch of selections, spanning both and bookleteer’s own Public Library, added to each day on our Twitter account and searchable by the hashtag #makingreading. All are free to download, print out and make up, and some can be read online in their bookreader form:

  1. Dispersals by Gair Dunlop (2013)
  2. making/do by Jane Prophet (2011)
  3. The New Worker’s Songbook Songwriters’ Workbook for New Worksongs! by Tor Lukasik-Foss (2011)
  4. If London Were Like Venice Oh! That It Were!” by Somers L. Summers (1899/2012)
  5. Phantom Tomes from an imaginary library by Clara Angus Lane & Giles Lane (2017)
  6. Blakewalk 3 by Tim Wright (2009)
  7. Spaces and Places of Convergence by Anne Galloway (2006)
  8. Dominion Dundas by Seth (2009)
  9. Whisker Issue One by Hazem Tagiuri et al (2013)
  10. Aerial Stories: notes about gravity, bodies and the view out the window by Louise K Wilson (2005)
  11. Out of it, Into It by Deborah Levy (2002)
  12. Bottle Orchestra by Tony White (2007)
  13. Hackney Rebel by Dawes Gray (2014)
  14. An A-Z of The Ting: Theatre of Mistakes – A by Marie-Anne Mancio (Part 1 of a 16 book set, 2009)
  15. The Robinson Institute by Patrick Keiller (2002) 
  16. The Cabinet of Alchemical Curiosities by Joyce MajiskiZea Morvitz (2019)
  17. Waiting For Crisis by Will Davies (2009)
  18. The Psychogeography of Zeros and Ones by Stewart Home (2002)
  19. Picnic: order, ambiguity and community by Kevin Harris (2011)
  20. Voiceover by Mohini Chandra (2002)
  21. Poets from the Horizon: Scrapbook of Words by Poets of New Horizons Centre, Peter Baxter & Rosie Knight (2015)
  22. Single Step Guide to Success – Day Planning by Heath Bunting (2006)
  23. The Life and Adventures of the Celebrated Walking Stewart: including his travels in the East Indies, Turkey, Germany, and America by a Relative (1822/2010)
  24. specious spacious by William Firebrace (2002)
  25. Travelling Through Layers by Alice Angus, Giles Lane & Orlagh Woods (2009)
  26. Systems/Layers by Nurri Kim & Adam Greenfield (2011)
  27. Areopagitica by John Milton (1644/2013)
  28. Professor Starling’s Thetford-London-Oxford Expedition by Professor William Starling (Andrew T Hunter), Lisa Hirmer, Leila Armstrong, Josie Mills, Hazem Tagiuri & Giles Lane (3 books, 2012)