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From the Archives: Week 6

This week’s selections from the archives of and bookleteer’s own Public Library are below.
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  1. Common Sense by Thomas Paine (1776/2008)
  2. Hard Hearted Hannah: Classics from Nowhere (Part 1 of 6) by Cartoon de Salvo (2010)
  3. The 36 Stratagems by anonymous (c.1600s/2009)
  4. Seven Days in Seven Dials: A Week in the Life of London’s Cultural Quarters (1 of 3) by Dan Thompson et al (2010)
  5. Remix Reconvex Reconvexo by Karla Brunet (2010)
  6. Towards Psychonutrition by John Hartley (2011)
  7. Layered City As Material: Underside by Alex Deschamps-Sonsino et al (2010)