What is bookleteer?
bookleteer is an easy to use web application for creating Diffusion eBooks and StoryCubes, hybrid digital/paper publishing formats created by Proboscis. We call these formats ‘Shareables’ because they flow efortlessly between the digital and the handmade.

What can I do with it?

  • publish essays, short stories or poems
  • create simple, easy to distribute manuals and instructions
  • make gallery / museum guides and workbooks
  • create lesson plans, lecture notes and learning diaries for students in schools, colleges and universities
  • create a 3D StoryCube or eBook family picture album
  • create a visual record of a journey
  • make a personal diary or journal
  • create a mini-portfolio for artworks, photos etc
  • make notebooks & diaries for fieldwork (e.g. for archaeology, anthropology or ethnography)
  • create local newsletters or pamphlets
  • document and evaluate brainstorming & innovation workshops, events and conferences
  • create StoryCubes as give-aways for events, parties or games
  • create 3D StoryCube landscapes for play and work

Why should I use it?
bookleteer offers a unique new approach – not just printing on demand, but publishing on demand. The Diffusion eBooks and StoryCubes you create will become shareable across the world, allowing people to download, print out and make up at next to no cost at all.

What features does bookleteer have?

  • creation of portrait and landscape eBooks
  • use of both ‘classic’ and ‘book‘ binding methods for eBooks (see the design schematics
  • creation of single and double sided StoryCubes
  • offline content design ability for eBooks & StoryCubes (via PDF upload)
  • ability to flow HTML content into eBooks & StoryCubes
  • Unicode support for non-Roman typefaces for languages such as Chinese, Arabic, Cyrillic, Greek, Japanese, Korean, Hebrew, Aramaic and many others
  • eBook templates supporting right-to-left languages (e.g. Arabic)
  • support for personalised/branded eBook & StoryCube templates
  • support for future shareable designs to be incorporated into Generator

When can I use it?
Now ! Bookleteer is currently in ‘alpha’ – test accounts are available by signing up here.

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