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Issue 7 is now out and this month we’ve selected something with a nod to the historical moment this month has brought to people in the UK. Tor Lukasik-Foss’s The New Worker’s Songbook Songwriters Workbook for New Worksongs! is a playful guide to creating your own workers’ song, helping you through the process of writing verses, the chorus, rehearsing and performing. It was part of a 2011 collaborative project by DodoLab and Tor, commissioned by the Workers Arts and Heritage Centre in Hamilton, Ontario which was inspired by WAHC’s collection of books and recordings of songs that reflect Hamilton’s history of industry and organized labour. In addition to the songbook, the project led to an exhibition and several public performances using Tor’s Mobile Workers Song Cart.

From the Archives
This month we have distributed copies among the subscribers from a selection of books created for our City As Material 1 : London (2010) and Material Conditions (2011/12) projects. City As Material was a series of walks in London that produced collaborative publications by the participants. Material Conditions was a series of commissioned books made by creative practitioners reflecting on the state of personal creative practice in an era of recessions, austerity and funding cuts.

From Material Conditions,

From City As Material 1 : London,

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