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Poker Guidebook

It’s great when the whole family gets together to play games, its so much fun, especially at Christmas time. But then I see the silver briefcase come out and it can only mean one thing! It’s time to get your poker face on! The only trouble is I can’t play poker 🙁

I constantly ask what hands are what; ‘what’s a flush?’ ‘what’s a full house?’ and the list goes on. I think I could be an annoying poker player with all my questions and confusion. Leave it to the pros…I think not!

I always think if I had a book with all the poker plays listed and the rules, it would be great! Easy to refer to in a time of need. No cheating, simply a reference! 😉

Creating this type of book is so simple using Bookleteer. Being able to download images straight from a website, it’s quick and easy to create this book for your own personal use. Each page can be assigned to each type of poker, or a book for each type – Texas Holdem, 5 card draw, 7 card stud etc.

Take a look at a quick glimpse of my book I have created…

Easy and fun to make, with your own personal touch, so you can make it as complicated or as easy to understand as you want.