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Outside The Box PlayCubes

We’re now just over halfway through our kickstarter campaign for Outside The Box : a “game engine for your imagination” designed to inspire storytelling and improvise play. We’re trying to raise £4k to manufacture a 1st edition of the complete set to get it into people’s hands and see what they do with it. Its had a slow start but we’re hoping we still may pick up momentum.

Outside The Box has no rules, nothing to win or lose, it simply provides a framework for you to imagine stories and make up your own games. It’s made up of 27 cubes, 3 layers of 9 cubes, each layer being a distinct game : Animal Match, Mission Improbable and StoryMaker. Check out the whole OTB collection of cubes and books on bookleteer.

Animal Match starts out as a puzzle – match up the animal halves to complete the pattern. From there you can make it much more fun : mix the cubes up to invent strange creatures; what would you call them? What would they sound like? How might they move?

Mission Improbable is for role-playing. There are 6 characters: Adventurer, Detective, Scientist, Spy, Storyteller and Superhero, each with 9 tasks. Use them to invent your own games, record your successes in the mission log books or take it to another level by designing your own costumes and props.

StoryMaker incites the telling of fantastical tales : Roll the 3 control cubes to decide how to tell your story, what kind it should be and where to set it. Then use the word cubes as your cue to invent a story on the spot.

Outside The Box began as a side project when illustrator Mandy Tang joined Proboscis. Inspired by the Love Outdoor Play campaign to get more children playing outside, we came up with the idea of using our StoryCube format and our bookleteer self-publishing platform to make a set of cubes that would inspire playfulness. We think its a lovely thing worth getting out into the world – we hope you agree.

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Poker Guidebook

It’s great when the whole family gets together to play games, its so much fun, especially at Christmas time. But then I see the silver briefcase come out and it can only mean one thing! It’s time to get your poker face on! The only trouble is I can’t play poker 🙁

I constantly ask what hands are what; ‘what’s a flush?’ ‘what’s a full house?’ and the list goes on. I think I could be an annoying poker player with all my questions and confusion. Leave it to the pros…I think not!

I always think if I had a book with all the poker plays listed and the rules, it would be great! Easy to refer to in a time of need. No cheating, simply a reference! 😉

Creating this type of book is so simple using Bookleteer. Being able to download images straight from a website, it’s quick and easy to create this book for your own personal use. Each page can be assigned to each type of poker, or a book for each type – Texas Holdem, 5 card draw, 7 card stud etc.

Take a look at a quick glimpse of my book I have created…

Easy and fun to make, with your own personal touch, so you can make it as complicated or as easy to understand as you want.