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Store your recipes…

Coming from a family that has endless recipes and being expected to know most of them, I have trouble remembering what goes into which dish. The vast amount of ingredients that goes into Indian food can be quite mind boggling!

I now understand the need for recipe books! Not the ones already filled with scrumptious dishes by our favourite chefs, but ones that are empty – so I have my own place to write down all my delicious creations. 🙂

Customising my own version on Bookleteer allows me to personalise my own recipe book in different ways including number of pages and size. So if it’s a mini pocket size book you prefer or a larger book, you can customise and personalise on Bookleteer, something which I can’t do if I go to buy one in Paperchase or Smiths.

It’s easy to edit and change things on Bookleteer too. Maybe a variation on a recipe – ingredients or amounts…so instead of re – writing the recipe or scribbling things out, easily edit it on Bookleteer!

A great use for all ages – children can get creative with weird and wacky recipe ideas, maybe on Halloween. Uni students can scribble down recipes, instead of boiling some water and plopping in some supernoodles!

The recipe book can be adapted for all sorts – you could have a themed book for each cuisine, your favourite recipes, even a cocktail recipe book! A cocktail recipe book is always handy! I have been in situations, where we all come up with the fun idea to make cocktails, but is too much hassle to go find a recipe on the internet.

An easy way to compile a list of variety of recipes for all types of food and drink and for all ages!

Take a look at the example of my ‘Cocktail Concoctions’ book…

Happy recipe making! 🙂

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Keep track of it… bookleteer it!

I feel people tend to go to the gym and expect to see results immediately, which is obviously not the case. It’s a matter of being committed and, if you’re anything like me, recording and keeping a track of the results.

Creating a book on Bookleteer is a great way of doing this. Using the book to record weekly weight loss and keep hold of vital statistics such as original weight, height, measurements etc.

Additionally I tend to ask for advice on the types of food I should be eating. It would be great to have a section in your own ‘health planner’ about what sorts of foods can be eaten and how much and even recipes that contain these foods. An easy way to remember and handy enough to keep with you, so whenever you spot that ‘powerfood’ on the supermarket shelf, just jot it down in your food planner, so you don’t forget for next time.

Take a look at my examples of a health planner I created…

This would be a great way to stay healthy, amongst all age groups! A fun and active way for kids to stay fit and healthy and keeping a record of their activities can be something fun for them to do on a weekly basis.

It’s easy to create your very own health planner with Bookleteer. Get creative and healthy at the same time!

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Holiday memories in your back pocket

Hi, I’m Radhika, the Marketing Assistant at Proboscis. You’ll see me pop up weekly, as I’ll be writing posts on ideas and suggestions for using Bookleteer in new and inventive ways. Take a look at my first idea…

Going away this summer?? It’s a great feeling, once you’ve booked that holiday and start counting down the weeks to a get-a-way, somewhere beautiful, adventurous or even laid-back and relaxing.

Exploring the craziness of New York’s Time Square, the hustle and bustle of Abu Dhabi’s Souks, the calmness of Maldives serene beaches, the list goes on…

Coming back with all those memories and stories that you can’t wait to tell everybody! The only problem I have is remembering the name of that fantastic coffee shop I went to, or that busy vibrant market where I got my dazzling shawls from or even the restaurant where I tasted the delicious local food. So if someone asked me to recommend places to go and see or where to eat, sure I could get their mouth watering describing the succulent chicken and thirst quenching cocktails, but I couldn’t actually tell them the names of these places… because I had forgotten!

I’m always in need for a scrap piece of paper to jot things down. Having a book that can easily fit into a pocket or a handbag would be most ideal. Creating a book on Bookleteer gives me this exact opportunity, to easily print and assemble and take with me.

It’s also useful to jot down other little things you come across on holiday such as the local language. Maybe how to say ‘hello’ in Mandarin or ‘thank you’ in Greek.

Have a look at the mock up book I made, to give you an idea of what can be done…

A handy book that can easily fit into your back pocket or your handbag and taken with you everywhere on your holiday! Now you don’t have to struggle to remember everywhere you went, just scribble it down in your own Bookleteer book!