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Keep track of it… bookleteer it!

I feel people tend to go to the gym and expect to see results immediately, which is obviously not the case. It’s a matter of being committed and, if you’re anything like me, recording and keeping a track of the results.

Creating a book on Bookleteer is a great way of doing this. Using the book to record weekly weight loss and keep hold of vital statistics such as original weight, height, measurements etc.

Additionally I tend to ask for advice on the types of food I should be eating. It would be great to have a section in your own ‘health planner’ about what sorts of foods can be eaten and how much and even recipes that contain these foods. An easy way to remember and handy enough to keep with you, so whenever you spot that ‘powerfood’ on the supermarket shelf, just jot it down in your food planner, so you don’t forget for next time.

Take a look at my examples of a health planner I created…

This would be a great way to stay healthy, amongst all age groups! A fun and active way for kids to stay fit and healthy and keeping a record of their activities can be something fun for them to do on a weekly basis.

It’s easy to create your very own health planner with Bookleteer. Get creative and healthy at the same time!