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Store your recipes…

Coming from a family that has endless recipes and being expected to know most of them, I have trouble remembering what goes into which dish. The vast amount of ingredients that goes into Indian food can be quite mind boggling!

I now understand the need for recipe books! Not the ones already filled with scrumptious dishes by our favourite chefs, but ones that are empty – so I have my own place to write down all my delicious creations. 🙂

Customising my own version on Bookleteer allows me to personalise my own recipe book in different ways including number of pages and size. So if it’s a mini pocket size book you prefer or a larger book, you can customise and personalise on Bookleteer, something which I can’t do if I go to buy one in Paperchase or Smiths.

It’s easy to edit and change things on Bookleteer too. Maybe a variation on a recipe – ingredients or amounts…so instead of re – writing the recipe or scribbling things out, easily edit it on Bookleteer!

A great use for all ages – children can get creative with weird and wacky recipe ideas, maybe on Halloween. Uni students can scribble down recipes, instead of boiling some water and plopping in some supernoodles!

The recipe book can be adapted for all sorts – you could have a themed book for each cuisine, your favourite recipes, even a cocktail recipe book! A cocktail recipe book is always handy! I have been in situations, where we all come up with the fun idea to make cocktails, but is too much hassle to go find a recipe on the internet.

An easy way to compile a list of variety of recipes for all types of food and drink and for all ages!

Take a look at the example of my ‘Cocktail Concoctions’ book…

Happy recipe making! 🙂