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Modern London Cries

image courtesy of Bishopsgate Institute via Spitalfields Life

Artists Bookworks… Get Your Free Artists Bookworks…

We’re currently on a subscriptions drive for the Periodical – we estimate that we need about 100 subscriptions to break even on printing and shipping costs, and if we can grow beyond that we’ll be able to explore starting new series of commissioned books to be sent out alongside those we select from bookleteer’s public library. At the moment we’ve reached 40 subscriptions – 19 new ones in the past 4 weeks. Each month we’re setting a goal to aim for, and offering (for new annual subs) a different free artists bookwork from our back collection, alongside the “Social Tapestries: Case of Perspectives” which we’ll send out while stocks last. Last month we sent new subscribers a copy of our deck of cards, “Being in Common Catalogue of Ideas“, which we created as part of a commission for Gunpowder Park back in 2008. This month, aiming to reach 60 subscriptions, we’ve selected an artists bookwork we made last year with our friends at DodoLab, Andrew Hunter and Lisa Hirmer, artist Leila Armstrong and curator Josie Mills, Professor Starling’s Expedition : Thetford-London-Oxford.

Why Subscribe?
Three reasons, really. Firstly, and most importantly, its about inspiration, surprise and delight. Each month you’ll receive a package of something engaging, challenging or simply lovely through the post.

The bookleteer Periodical subscription is a treat because the monthly arrival is always suprising, ranging from quirky to poetic. These little editions are like a monthly book art present. This is a great subscription for anyone who would enjoy a thoughtul miniature periodically arriving though their post box.
Luci Eyers, Artist & Subscriber

Secondly, its about a community of readers and makers who can participate in an evolving and expanding project of making and sharing ideas – responding to the things you receive in kind by making and sharing your own publications on bookleteer. Not the knee-jerk reactions and comments so commonly found on social media, but a space and place for considered, elegant ripostes and rejoinders.

Responsive, spontaneous and not too concerned with being A Significant Addition to One’s Great Works; that’s a great place to start from. From play can spring a lot of possibilities. Bookleteer has been a new game, where the next move is always unknown but the consequences useful. The usual finality of publishing is made obsolete by the mutuality of the provisional publication, always open to improvement and rethinking. I like to receive a regular dose of the unpredictable: I’m not too proud to borrow and not too selfish to share.
Gair Dunlop, Artist & Subscriber

And lastly, its about resilience and sustainability – bookleteer is unfunded and supported entirely through donations from its users and sales from the Short Run printing service. The Periodical is our way of inviting users to share in supporting bookleteer rather than charging for using it. If we get enough subscribers we’ll be able to consider more ambitious parallel projects, such as commissioned series, too.

If those sound like good reasons, subscribe here.