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Big Price Cut & Minimum Print Run Halved!

selection of highlights printed with bookleteer's Short Run service

Today we’re very excited to announce a couple of major changes to bookleteer’s Short Run Printing service :

  • Minimum print run is now just 25 copies per eBook – half the previous minimum of 50 copies
  • We have also slashed the cost of A6 printed eBooks between 30%-50% (depending on quantity ordered)

Check out the eBook price estimator to see how much your eBook would cost to print (we’ll also be overhauling the ordering system in the next few weeks to integrate the estimator there too).

We believe this makes it much more accessible for people wanting to experiment with having their eBooks professionally printed and bound but only want a few copies at a super competitive price.

We’ll be posting soon about our other plans for bookleteer which we aim to introduce in stages over the summer – all in all its going to be a very exciting year of changes for bookleteer and its users!