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Soho Memoirs

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I’m very excited to announce that we are collaborating with the Museum of Soho to produce a series of Soho Memoirs from materials in their archive. The three initial books are by people who grew up or worked in Soho during the first part of the twentieth century and were recorded or written during the 1980s and early 2000s. As personal remembrances and stories they are steeped in the texture and fabric of the social life of old Soho – something tenuous and precious, yet at the same time time hard and unremitting. What makes these accounts special is not a nostalgia for what has disappeared so much as the living connection they establish to how much continues even now within the community of people who live and work there or whose children attend the last remaining school there.

The three books will be distributed via the Periodical starting in May 2014 – subscribe now to get your copies as well as other treats through your letterbox each month. We will have copies too at a special event at the House of St Barnabas in May organised by MoSoho.