the periodical

the Periodical issue 17

Whisker returns with its third issue under the increasingly assured editorial helm of Hazem Tagiuri. Featuring new work by Joani Reese, FMJ Botham, Kylie Grant, Alex Howard and Hazem himself, its a rich stew that transports the reader to deftly delineated imaginary worlds built of words, impressions and feelings.

From Hazem’s introduction, “Three dots. Three issues. The one you’re reading has been a long, a long time coming. It took a while to find these voices; to find the right words. Pardon the ellipsis”

Whisker is a pocket-sized literary magazine that showcases new poetry and short fiction, often from previously unpublished contributors. It has a tactile sense of merit: instinctive, curious, unconcerned with fixed styles, rigorous entry criteria, or authors’ backstories. Just fresh, fine writing that invokes feeling; that strikes a nerve.

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