Sewn Paper Sculptures

If you’ve been following this blog even remotely, you might have sussed my interest in papercraft and recycled materials, possibly partly due to my own artistic limitations. I’m in awe of artists who can do what I can’t – produce highly visual and sculptural pieces, rather than simply text, and particularly transform paper, something I use purely as a medium to scribble on and create artifices, into more then just a 2D vessel.

Continuing in this tradition, I’d like to share the work of Jennifer Collier, spied via the good folks at Fast Co Design. Using a sewing machine, she stitches found pieces of paper as if they were cloth, into all manner of three-dimensional sculptures. Shoes, clothes, everyday objects, even a camera and a typewriter – I think there’s a delicious absurdity in crafting a model of a tool, using the material it usually spews out.


Competition: Hand-made by bookleteer

A creative mess in the Proboscis studio…

I’ve been having a great time recently playing around with hand-made eBooks and StoryCubes and Giles and I thought we’d invite you to join in. So we’re going to run a little competition called Hand-made by bookleteer.

Send us your photographs of  hand-made eBooks and StoryCubes and we’ll write about the ones we like best on the blog. Hand-made might mean pop-up, cut-out, collage, printed, illustration, decoration, StoryCube sculpture, electronic eBooks – or something we haven’t thought of yet!

What about prizes you ask? Well, we have 20 packs of StoryCubes to give away as prizes. These packs contain 8 pre-cut blank StoryCubes and 48 blank stickers. The StoryCubes are made from cardboard and sturdier than the ones that can be made by printing on bookleteer. The stickers can be printed using a laser or inkjet printer and then stuck onto the cubes. Proboscis have used these cardboard StoryCubes for many many projects and they’re brilliant. So get making. You have until 14 July 2010..

You can either email your photos to me at karen(at)proboscis(dot)org(dot)uk  or upload them to the bookleteer flickr group.

P.S If you want to take part but don’t yet have a bookleteer account go to the website and request one by clicking on the link in the top right corner below the login box.