Making Custom Notebooks

We have been making custom project notebooks for many years – they are very popular with participants in workshops or when doing field work as we can make them bespoke for the purpose, and the participants can personalise them as they wish.

Our TK Reite Notebooks project is perhaps the classic example, but we have made many others, such as the recent Field & Group Notebooks for the Antarctic Cities Youth Expedition.

Here is a simple guide to help understand the steps in the process.

Download the PDF here.

the periodical

the Periodical issue 8


Issue 8 is out! This month we have two new offerings for subscribers – our first digitised version of a Field Work sketchbook by Canadian artist Joyce Majiski, and issue two of Hazem Tagiuri’s magazine for new poetry and short fiction, Whisker.

Mexico 2013 by Joyce Majiski
Artist Joyce Majiski lives in the Yukon, Canada and made this Field Work sketchbook whilst on a trip to Mexico this year. Combining collage with drawings, notes and narrative, it is a gorgeous example of how bookleteer can transform a unique, handwritten notebook into something that can be shared online and in print.

Whisker Issue Two by Hazem Tagiuri
Issue two of Hazem’s magazine showcasing new poetry and short fiction features contributions from
James Cramphorn, Daisy Leigh, Hazem Tagiuri, Nick Taylor and Hope Whitmore.

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the periodical

the Periodical issue 1

Our inaugural October 2012 issue of the Periodical included two eBooks, Material Conditions and the Field Work eNotebook. See the preceeding posts to find out more about each one, read them online or download, print out and make up your own copies.

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