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We received an email yesterday from a user based in Epinay sur Seine, France describing how he’s used bookleteer with his students:

My name is J.-Thomas Maillioux, and I’ve been working as the librarian for the collège Evariste Galois middle school since 2005. I’ve recently started to use the bookleteers to create “adventure books” for our first-year pupils’ library orientation program in a format both convenient and original. The flexibility of the Bookleteer publishing platform has also allowed me to quickly and easily implement the modifications suggested by my own observations, or advice from the students and teachers involved in the orientation program.

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I’ve also been able to sit down with small group of students to discuss what they would do with the Bookleteers : they suggested uses both for school (custom booklets for note taking on school trips, tutorials or HOWTOs for specific activities in sciences and technology classes, reminders while giving presentations in front of a class) and home (grocery shopping, tasks listing, books and stories writing or games) that make me think that, with the correct amount of support from their teachers in acquiring and supporting the necessary skills, they should be able to make the Bookleteers and the publishing platform their own relatively quickly : a good way to reconcile them not only with the printed word, but also with their printed word – that what they write, too, can be and deserves being made into a book with very little hassle.

We’d love to hear more testimonials of how bookleteer, the eBooks and StoryCubes are being used – please send your feedback to us at bookleteer at

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Recent eBooks made with bookleteer


We now have over 70 registered users of bookleteer and the number of eBooks and StoryCubes being created and published is growing by the week. We’ve recently published new Transformations series commissions by Linda CarroliJulie Myers and Will Davies with forthcoming works in the pipeline by Rita J. King, Ghislaine Boddington and Andrew Kötting. There are eBooks created by users such as Tim Wright and Matthew Sheret (made during the first Pitch Up & Publish event), Lorraine Warren & Ted Fuller, as well as myself. The students on our City as Material course have created a series of eBooks documenting their urban interventions and the previous post describes the Hindi/English eNotebooks created by Niharika Hariharan for her Articulating Futures education workshops. We’re currently working with several partners to help them use bookleteer as part of their activities including DodoLabLACE (Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions), Architecture Centre Network, Year Zero One and others in the new year.

We’ve also created a bookleteer tag on Diffusion to make it easy to follow the latest publications.

Let us know what you think of them and what you’d do with a bookleteer account…