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Guide to new features

What Design Should I Choose?
Proboscis have created 2 different eBook designs which you can choose from, both of which are available for A4/US and A3/Ledger sizes.
Basic is a simple book design which places the title, author, a cover image and a logo image on the front cover. The eBook title, author, credits and secondary logo are placed on the back cover.
Custom Cover allows users to design their own front cover and upload it as a JPG image. The eBook title, author, credits and both logo images are placed on the back cover.

What are the page dimension for the different sizes?
– A4/US Letter eBook Portrait : 88mm by 133mm
– A4/US Letter eBook Landscape : 133mm by 88mm
– A4 StoryCube : 55mm by 55mm
– A3/Ledger eBook Portrait : 130mm by 193mm
– A3/Ledger eBook Landscape : 193mm by 130mm
– A3 StoryCube : 82mm by 82mm

Where can I download the content templates?
Proboscis have created some simple empty page templates for MS Word, OpenOffice and Adobe InDesign which can be downloaded here.

What dimensions should my cover image be?
Images should be saved as JPGs or PNGs at a minimum resolution of 72dpi at exact size or greater. For best results 150dpi is recommended.
Basic Design
– A4/US Letter eBook Portrait : 65mm by 90mm
– A4/US Letter eBook Landscape : 90mm by 65mm
– A3/Ledger eBook Portrait : 90mm by 135mm
– A3/Ledger eBook Landscape : 135mm by 90mm
Custom Cover Designs
– A4/US Letter eBook Portrait : 88mm by 133mm
– A4/US Letter eBook Landscape : 133mm by 88mm
– A3/Ledger eBook Portrait : 130mm by 193mm
– A3/Ledger eBook Landscape : 193mm by 130mm

What can I use the Logo images for?
The ‘Logo’ spaces allow users to add one or more logos to the covers of their eBooks. The Main Logo could, for instance, be the logo of the ‘publisher’ or author and the Secondary Logo might be used for credits, such as acknowledging sponsors/funders or for placing a Creative Commons-type image. However, they can also be used just as spaces for images on the front/back covers.

What happens when I order some POD eBooks or StoryCubes?
When you confirm your order an email is sent to Proboscis where one of us will calculate the cost and send you an invoice via Paypal. Once we receive payment we will send your item(s) to press and aim to have the finished products in your hands within 7 working days. StoryCubes will be printed on a regular basis – check here or on twitter for details of the next printing deadline.
The ordering system is very hands-on whilst we’re still developing the alpha version of bookleteer – please bear with us and forgive its manual shortcomings!

updates & improvements

Updates & New Designs

We are just finishing tweaks to the latest set of updates and improvements to bookleteer and will be integrating them into the live server over the next 24 hours : there may be some disruption to the service whilst we do this.

We’re very excited by what’s in store, it’s a big step forward in both the usefulness and ease of use of bookleter :

    • new sizes : A3 & Ledger sizes will allow users to create larger eBooks and StoryCubes

    • new designs : the new ‘Custom Cover’ design allows users to create their own customised cover design and upload as an image

    • PPOD ordering system now integrated – users can order A6 or A5 eBooks, and StoryCubes from A4 or A3 sheets

    • new user dashboard showing most recent publications and orders

More details once everything’s up and running.

publishing on demand

Print On Demand eBooks arrive!

Our first batch of POD eBooks arrived and we’re very, very pleased with the results:

We’ll be sending out some samples to various friends, colleagues and bookleteers, meanwhile we will start accepting orders for POD eBooks & StoryCubes from April 12th. See the prior post on POD for our initial prices.

events publishing on demand

PU&P 9 Coventry with Artists and Makers

We will be running a Pitch Up & Publish event with Artists & Makers in Coventry on Friday 26th March 2010, from 12noon until 4pm as part of the Empty Shops Tour.

Come and join us to publish your stories, pictures and ideas as Diffusion eBooks and StoryCubes.

Date : Friday 26th March 2010
Time : 12pm to 4pm
Venue : 11 City Arcade, Coventry

View bookleteer pitch up & publish in a larger map

publishing on demand updates & improvements

Print On Demand with bookleteer

Last week we passed another significant milestone for bookleteer – integrating a new set of templates that automatically render each eBook into a Print On Demand (POD) version. We’re sending the first 12 samples to be digitally printed as full colour A6 saddle-stitched booklets today and will post up some photos as soon as we get them back.

We’re also announcing our initial prices for the POD service (see below) which we hope will meet with approval. There are two POD options for eBooks, with a minimum print run of 50 copies :
Option A – for eBooks between 12 – 24 pages and,
Option B – for eBooks between 28 – 40 pages.

Option A prices start from around £3 per copy and go down to £1.61 per copy.
Option B prices start from around £4 per copy and go down to £2.29 per copy.
All prices include shipping within the UK. Please contact us for enquiries about larger quantities and overseas shipping. Turnaround time is expected to be 5-7 working days.

The StoryCube POD service has a minimum print run of 200 full colour cubes (single or double-sided), which can made up up of one or more StoryCube designs. Prices include VAT and shipping within the UK. Please contact us for enquiries about larger quantities and overseas shipping. Turnaround time is 5-7 working days.

Get in touch if you’d like to know more – we aim to start accepting POD orders after Easter.


some eBooks from Shoreham

Some eBooks by Dan Thompson, Debbie Zoutewelle and Russ Bravo made at PU&P 7 in Shoreham-by-Sea on Friday.


PU&P 6 – at Brixton Village

Hot on the heels of PU&P5, we will be heading down to Brixton’s Granville Arcade and the Spacemaker’s Brixton Village project to run another special PU&P with the BrixVill tenants. The aim is to introduce bookleteer to the tenants to begin to record and document some of their experiences, stories, photos and artwork using Diffusion eBooks and StoryCubes.

The event will be free to attend – participants are encouraged to bring a laptop or device with mobile internet  access and some text/images/digital artwork etc to begin creating your own eBooks & StoryCubes.

Date : Wednesday 10th February 2010
Time : 2pm to 4.30pm
Venue : Etta’s Place, Unit 85-86, Brixton Village / Grandville Arcade, Brixton
Location :

RSVP – we will only have limited internet access on site so it is important to send a request for a bookleteer account to bookleteer at before Wednesday 10th (mentioning spacemakers or Brixton Village)

publishing on demand

bookleteer test accounts – more invitations

We’re accepting another 100 requests for bookleteer test accounts over the next few weeks. If you’d like to try your hand at bookleteering – creating your own shareables (Diffusion eBooks and StoryCubes) then send us an email at bookleteer @ with a sentence or two about what you’d like to do with it and why and we’ll set you up with a test account.


PU&P with We Are Words + Pictures

Yesterday we held the first Pitch Up & Publish of the year with seven of the members of We Are Word + Pictures, a “team running comic and ‘zine themed events throughout the UK” – Matt Sheret, Michael Leader, Mark Higgins, Anne Hollowday, Emilie Chalcraft, Tom Humberstone and Julia Scheele

It was really inspiring for us (myself, Karen Martin & Stefan Kueppers representing the bookleteer team) to see just how enthusiastic they were about picking it up and using it for different purposes. In not time at all half a dozen eBooks and StoryCubes had been made with bookleteer as we talked about different contexts and types of use the Shareables could be put to.

Matthew Sheret has posted some pictures from the evening on his Flickr site:

Here are some other images of the things they made:

StoryCube by Emilie
eBooks by Matt, Tom & Mark
eBooks by Matt, Tom & Mark
StoryCube by Anne
StoryCube by Anne
StoryCube by Julia
publishing on demand

Recent eBooks made with bookleteer


We now have over 70 registered users of bookleteer and the number of eBooks and StoryCubes being created and published is growing by the week. We’ve recently published new Transformations series commissions by Linda CarroliJulie Myers and Will Davies with forthcoming works in the pipeline by Rita J. King, Ghislaine Boddington and Andrew Kötting. There are eBooks created by users such as Tim Wright and Matthew Sheret (made during the first Pitch Up & Publish event), Lorraine Warren & Ted Fuller, as well as myself. The students on our City as Material course have created a series of eBooks documenting their urban interventions and the previous post describes the Hindi/English eNotebooks created by Niharika Hariharan for her Articulating Futures education workshops. We’re currently working with several partners to help them use bookleteer as part of their activities including DodoLabLACE (Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions), Architecture Centre Network, Year Zero One and others in the new year.

We’ve also created a bookleteer tag on Diffusion to make it easy to follow the latest publications.

Let us know what you think of them and what you’d do with a bookleteer account…