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From the Archives: Week 12

We’ve now reached the end of the twelfth week of lockdown – here are most recent selections from the archives of and bookleteer’s own Public Library are below.
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  1. Cosmo China: 20th Anniversary Exhibition by Josie Firmin (2010)
  2. It’s Nice to Make by Mah Rana (2013)
  3. The UK Hyperbolic Crochet Coral Reef How-To booklet by Crafts Council (2011)
  4. No Words by David Key (2006)
  5. Whisker: Issue Two by Hazem Tagiuri et al (2013)
  6. The True Levellers Standard Advanced (1649) & Charter of Fundamental Rights of the EU (2000) by Gerard Winstanley et al & the EU (2015)
  7. Knowing Where You Are by Sarah Butler (2011)