Bookleteer’s 10th Anniversary

10 years ago, in early September 2009, Proboscis launched bookleteer and enabled a new approach to making and sharing publications. It combined a simple method for uploading content and generating booklets in our Diffusion eBook formats (originally designed and launched in 2000), as well as our StoryCubes format (originally designed in 2005).

Over the past decade we’ve run a variety of workshops and engagement projects using bookleteer and its publishing formats to enable people to make and share things they value, both here in the UK and abroad. We’ve collaborated with research and academic partners (including museums and libraries) to devise practical toolkits for social and cultural action; as well as creating methods of sharing knowledge, discoveries and experiences outside the usual channels for public dissemination.

Bookleteer has become the foundation for a whole new way for local communities to develop their own self-publishing cultures, such as our work with Reite people in Papua New Guinea on the TKRN project.

There’s still plenty more to be achieved in the next decade…