the periodical

the Periodical issue 28


Our first issue of 2015 (number 28) has two books, one from a new series I am putting together over the next six months to celebrate the 800th anniversary of Magna Carta, and another in our series of Librarypress books:

The Agreement of Free People of England (1649) & The People’s Charter (1838) juxtaposes two radical texts from key moments of unrest in Britain, the English Civil Wars and the Chartists Movement. Rejected by the elites of their own times, these texts nonetheless are foundations of modern democracy and fair society, inspiring and influencing others down the centuries.
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Poets from the Horizon by Camden Libraries & New Horizons Youth Centre is A book of poems by young people who have worked with Peter Baxter & Rosie Knight at the New Horizon Youth Centre to find and share their voices.

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