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the Periodical issues 23 & 24

The Periodical is now 2 years old!
August & September’s issues (numbers 23 and 24) have recently been posted out to subscribers:

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August’s issue (no. 23), Soho Memoirs : Recollections of Geo.Benford & O’Shea by Alf & Nance Wood is the second choice from our collaboration with The Museum of Soho. It contains a delightful transcript of a 1986 oral history interview by Bryan Burrough (one of the founders of the Soho Society and The Museum of Soho) with Alf and Nance Wood who both worked at the watchmaker Geo. Benford & O’Shea in Dean Street from the 1920s to the 1970s.

September’s issue, Canyon Flow by Joyce Majiski & Zea Morvitz is a collaboration between the artists Joyce Majiski (Canada) and Zea Morvitz (USA) which was inspired by the Miles Canyon near Whitehorse, Yukon Territory in Canada. Joyce and Zea produced two gorgeously illustrated scrolls, details of which make up the book.

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