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the Periodical issue 9

Issue 9 has flown the coop and should have landed on doorsteps across the country. Once again we have two new offerings for subscribers in this month’s package, both from a special activity we ran at this year’s Soho Food Feast. The Food Feast is an annual event which raises much needed funds for Soho’s only primary school, Soho Parish. “We Are All Food Critics” gets the children themselves to taste and review many of the delicious and exotic dishes on offer from the many chefs and restaurants who take part. Introduced by Fay Maschler, restaurant critic of the Evening Standard, the children are asked to consider the food through the five senses : sight, smell, touch, sound and taste. The resulting reviews are honest, funny, imaginative and often charming, and we have selected 18 of them for this year’s book (you can compare them with last year’s here)

We Are All Food Critics : A Selection of Reviews

Soho Food Feast 2013 : Food Critics Notebook

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