news updates & improvements

Evolutionary update #1

In about three weeks time we will be making a fundamental change to bookleteer by enabling public sharing of eBooks and StoryCubes. What does this mean?

  • users will be able to share their eBooks & StoryCubes direct from bookleteer
  • users will be able to add tags to their publications
  • users will have a personal page listing their shared publications and will be able to add links to their own website, blog, twitter and facebook pages
  • each publication will have its own page which can be linked to and shared with the public via popular social media platforms
  • all shared publications will be listed in a public library page on bookleteer for the public to browse through without needing to sign up and be logged in
  • bookreader web-readable versions will be shareable for all users (currently limited to Guest, Pro & Alpha Club members)
  • The new public sharing and library pages are part of a series of changes we are doing this year to make bookleteer even better and they pave the way for the Periodical. Each month we will crowdsource an eBook made and shared on bookleteer to be printed out and posted to subscribers. We will seek out the most beautiful, experimental, thought-provoking and inspirational eBooks made with bookleteer – and once a month subscribers will have 1 or more eBooks delivered to their door.

    We’ll be following these updates with other new features over the coming months – stay tuned for further announcements.

    Subscribe to the Periodical
    UK – £3 monthly or £30 annual (Pay by Direct Debit, Barclays Pingit to 07711 069 569 or Email to Subscribe by Credit Card/Paypal etc)
    European Union – £12/€15 a quarter or £40/€50 annual (Email to Subscribe by Credit Card/Paypal etc)
    Rest of World – £15/US$24 a quarter or £50/US$80 annual (Email to Subscribe by Credit Card/Paypal etc)

    And don’t forget – minimum print runs on eBooks have dropped to just 25 copies and prices for A6 books have dropped by 30-50%.