Diffusion Archive Highlight: Pharmaceutical Cubes by Kenneth Goldsmith

Kenneth Goldsmith, poet and founder of UbuWeb, created this series of six StoryCubes, each inscribed with the side effects of a certain prescription drug. The text is rendered in illegible 1-point type, so that the words become texture – some resembling the grooves in a vinyl record, another a peculiar lilac coloured static noise. Kenneth also provides an interesting point in regards to their physicality:

“When folded into cubes, these warnings – secretly embedded into the pills we take – are reconstituted into three-dimensional forms, creating a new type of placebo.”

Download and make them for yourself on Diffusion.

(You can also read a more in-depth post about these cubes, penned by our former blogger, Karen Martin, here.)

"Prozac" and "Effexor"