‘Virtual Bookshelf’ Portfolio

Similar to the Jesse Willmon online portfolio I blogged about previously, I have come across another fun and imaginative online portfolio. As I describe what is a ‘virtual bookshelf’ portfolio, I really like the idea here of searching through the mounted bookshelf and being able to click on the specific illustrations. These range from a variety of books which illustrates Foxie’s work from print and web to ‘about.’ If you want to give any feedback or read up about awards the graphic designer has been given you simply click on the pictured telephone or the shining golden trophy – fun and playful! Additionally, there’s a delightful picture of Foxie in a virtual photo frame hung above the bookshelf, which once clicked on gives a short snippet of what she is all about.

Once clicked on your desired interest, there is a wonderful large picture frame hanging from the bookshelf which displays an example of the work as you click through the list beside on the left hand side of the frame.

I like the way this has been designed. Everything is on one page, without being taken away to another page once clicked. Each graphic makes me curious, leading to me wanting to click and find out more. I think this concept works and is a fun, adventurous and creative portfolio.