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Make up scrap book

The magazines are full of make up tips and latest trends of colours for the new season. Sure I will rip the page out and vow to refer to it the next time I need that handy tip for the smoky eyes look! However amongst all the things on my desk, from books to documents to photos, that little piece of paper will surely get lost in the heap!

It’s great to use Bookleteer as a tool for making scrapbooks for example making a make up catalogue if you like, or even to create your own make up tips. Have a look at the eBook I created on ‘eye make up tips’ below.

It’s quick and easy to print out, and small enough to keep with your make up or can even be folded to fit into your make up bag. 🙂

Either design, upload and print your scrapbook out on Bookleteer or print out a plain eBook and start cutting, sticking and creating your own make up tips scrapbook.