updates & improvements

Recent Updates and Changes

bookleteer members will have noticed a few changes to the site in September and October as we’ve pushed through a series of updates, changes and fixes to the platform. Here’s a quick run down of the most important of these from a member’s perspective, since many more were ‘under the hood’.

First Time eBook & StoryCube Generation
We’ve streamlined the process of generating eBooks and StoryCubes by making the initial button on the Create pages into ‘Upload & Generate PDFs’.

eBook & StoryCube PDF Thumbnails
This week we’ve implemented a change to replace the generic PDF icon with actual thumbnails of each PDF’s first sheet. This is designed to make it easier to distinguish different publications when shown in lists (such as the Inspirations or My Publications pages) and to give a quick preview once your eBooks and StoryCubes have been generated.

My Publications Page
Inspirations Page

Adding Images, PDFs & My Gallery
We have completely changed the way images and PDFs are added to eBooks and StoryCubes – there are now three ways to add an image :

  • upload a file from your computer
  • enter a URL for an image already online (for instance on Flickr)
  • browse through your gallery and use an image already uploaded
  • Create eBook Upload image from computer
    Create eBook Page Insert Image from URL
    Create eBook Page Add image from gallery
    Create StoryCube Upload image from computer
    Create StoryCube Page Insert image from URL
    Create StoryCube Page Insert image from gallery

    PDFs can also be chosen by either uploading a new file from your computer or selecting from a previously uploaded file in your gallery.

    Create eBook Page Upload PDF
    Create eBook Insert PDF from gallery
    Create StoryCube Upload PDF from computer
    Create StoryCube Insert PDF from gallery

    Members can use the My Gallery page to review (and delete if necessary) any image files or PDFs in their account.

    My Gallery Page

    Facebook Integration
    Lastly, for those of you who use facebook, we’ve integrated bookleteer’s login so that you can automatically login to bookleteer when you are also logged in to facebook.