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Be2camp Brum 2010

Date: Thursday 12 August 2010
Time: 12.15 til 8pm
Place: Library Theatre, Paradise Place, Birmingham, B3 3HQ
Price: Free!

On Thursday I’ll be talking about bookeleteer at Be2camp Brum 2010. Be2camp Brum is organised by Rob Annable of Axis Design Architects and is described as “an ‘unconference’ about social media, digital tools and the built environment”.

Be2camp Brum 2010 builds on the success of Be2camp Brum 2009 which explored the relationship between digital technologies and the built environment.

Photos of Be2camp Brum 2009

Part of the agenda this year will aim to explore the possibilities for the new Library of Birmingham building and discuss how digital tools might change the way we experience a 21st century library. I’ll be talking about how bookleteer might contribute to these changes and possibilities, especially in relation to library archives.

Other speakers and topics confirmed so far are:

Speaker: Brian Gambles – Head of BCC Library Services
Introduction to Library of Birmingham Project

Speaker: TBC
Second Life and the Virtual Library of Birmingham

Speaker: TBC
Wifi, interaction design and the Physical Library of Birmingham

Paul Wilkinson & Martin Brown – Be2Camp
Be2Camp Awards – The final shortlist

Proboscis –
Self publishing + augmented reading

Andy Hudson-Smith –

Michael Kohn – SliderStudio
Democratic Design: StickyWorld

Andy Hartwell – Substrakt
Mobile & Web Apps in the Built Environment

Nick Corbett with Geoff Henderson – Urban Living & DNA
Web2.0 & Sense of Place urban design project

Nick Booth –
The Librarian at Large

James Thomson –
Building Information Modelling: Virtual Reality, Parametric Geometry, Google Earth

Bob Leung – Woobius
Getting your web 2.0 fix in large companies

Alison Smith – Pesky People
Disability & Digital Accessibility