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Nicholas Jones: Book Carver

June 23rd, 2010 by karenmartin

My last few posts have been quite technological – but I wouldn’t want to suggest that reading can only be augmented by electronics.

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Nicholas Jones is a Melbourne based artist who has been described as a book artist, book dissector and book carver. He takes discarded books and cuts and sews them to form beautiful book objects. It might be called augmented non-reading as I don’t believe it would be possible to read the books once Nicholas has finished with them.

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On Nicholas’s website, the book objects are named by the title of the book from which they were made. It’s strange but I do find that knowing the title of the book adds to the experience of looking at the object as I’m able to imagine some of the words and the style of language folded up into those complex shapes. Somehow I have a different relationship to these objects than I would to other folded paper sculptures. I wonder why this should be…

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