Introducing Karen

Hi, Karen here*. Recently, Giles invited me to take some time and explore the potential of bookleteer.  And I’m very happy to do so. I’ve known bookleteer for a while now and have made my share of eBooks and storycubes while I was working with Proboscis .

Anyway, I have a confession.

In Proboscis studio contemplating the merits of two storycubes

While I appreciate the digital-ness of bookleteer eBooks and storycubes and how they can be shared around the world with friends and strangers, what I really like about them is their low-tech, tangible, crafty, physical-ness.

At the most recent Pitch Up and Publish one of the participants said they hadn’t really understood the eBooks until they printed them out and made them up and that’s exactly how I feel about them. So for the next couple of months I’m going to explore the eBooks and storyCubes as objects.

This gives me a great excuse to scour the web for inspiring examples of books that are experienced as objects, and cubes that do more. And then to try out some ideas of my own and see what can be done with a few sheets of A4 paper, the bookleteer software and imagination.I’m very excited about it… and all the outcomes will be posted here, come back soon to check how I’m getting along!

*In case you want to know more, I’m interested in all things around making, technology and art. And I’m especially curious about the places where these things overlap. (I’m fascinated by people and cities too but that’s another story..)