Bookleteer Virtual Residencies

Since the alpha version of bookleteer went live last September we’ve been discussing with a number of friends and colleagues what we can do to demonstrate the API (Application Programming Interface) – which allows other applications, sites and systems to interface directly with the Generator, the engine behind which generates the PDF files for eBooks & StoryCubes.

Following several years of successful residencies with writers and artists using the old Diffusion Generator to create and publish eBooks of their own, we decided to offer two ‘virtual residencies’ a year to creative individuals to play with the API and show what can be done with it – creating eBooks and StoryCubes from other data sets and web applications.

Our first two virtual residents are James Bridle and Simon Pope. James has already used the API to interface with his own project, bkkeepr to create ‘bookcubes’ (more details to follow in a separate post) and Simon is working on a project combining walking, cairns and StoryCubes.

Whilst bookleteer is in alpha, access to the API will be private – though we welcome people to get in touch who have a specific use in mind and would like to test it out. We’ll be commissioning two further virtual residencies later this year.

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