publishing on demand

bookleteering is go!

As of Monday 28th September 2009 we have a working ‘alpha’ version of bookleteer deployed on our production server. Over the next few months we will be refining the user interface, developing contextual help and user guides and workflows for how to prepare files for upload. There’s also much work to be done on site functionality and some new shareable formats we’ll be introducing for the first time. We’ll also be testing and tweaking the API to be able to offer eBook and StoryCube generation to other websites and organisations.

Its been a long road to get this far and the way ahead seems yet more daunting, but its a hugely exciting leap forwards. The future begins now.

Our vague timeline is:
Sept 2009 to January 2010 – ‘alpha’ testing
January 2010 – ‘beta’ testing
Spring 2010 – launch of bookleteer

A big thanks is due to the team who’ve brought this to fruition: Stefan Kueppers (technical direction), Simon WhitesideYasir Assam (coding); Paul Makepeace (sys admin) and Carmen Vela Maldonado (illustration).