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From the Archives: Week 8

Another serving of selections from the archives of and bookleteer’s own Public Library are below.
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  1. The Fact of the Matter by Anne Tallentire & Monica Ross (2000)
  2. Tender Buttons by Gertrude Stein – 4 books (1914/2008)
  3. Play Guide – Outside The Box by Proboscis (2013)
  4. Phantom Shifts: Performance Notations by Aaron Williamson (2000)
  5. Recollections of Geo. Benford & O’Shea by Alf & Nance Wood (2014)
  6. Landscape 3 Acts: Return • Dispersal • Circulation by Kathryn Yusoff (2006)
  7. The New Wizard of the West by Chauncy Montgomery M’Govern (1899/2013)

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