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Bookleteer and the Museum of Childhood

December 14th, 2010 by christinawanambwa

Hi! My name is Christina Wanambwa and I joined the Proboscis team last month as an Education Assistant. I’ll be involved in a range of projects linked to bookleteer, but I will be working mostly on Education Projects, namely our new partnership with Soho Parish Primary School. Part of my role also includes going on regular site visits to museums and other venues around London and scoping out their education programmes, then thinking about ways that bookleteer could be integrated into their projects.

Having visited the Museum of Childhood regularly during my time in school, it was interesting to revisit this popular Museum as an adult and after refurbishment. Roaming around for only a short amount of time, I quickly remembered why I enjoyed going to the Museum so much as a child. The open space filled with different toys, displays, galleries, colours, materials, shapes, and images, inspired me to think about how we could collaborate on an education project with the Museum using bookleteer. This led me to research into what teaching projects the Museum ran and how this could be incorporated with our software to help aid and promote diverse, new and interesting ways of learning.

After identifying education projects that the Museum are currently running, I have created an eBook that describes how bookleteer can make a difference in the Museum’s education programme. Given that bookleteer makes a range of different kinds of shareable literature, I identified project notebooks and eBooks as good ways to support the Museums ongoing education projects, allowing students to document their work as they go along and then create an eBook of their experiences of that project – children will be able to use new software to write, self publish, and be encouraged to learn in new ways with the help of bookleteer.

Though this is my first education based eBook, I’m sure it will be a good one!

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