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Oh! The Places You’ll Go!

My original time for working on bookleteer was up last week so I thought I’d write a little round-up of my highlights of that time.

I set out to think about books-as-objects and explore the tangible qualities of bookleteer eBooks and StoryCubes. This gave me the perfect excuse to research and write about all kinds of paper artists who make the most fantastic books involving cut-outs and pop-ups and flip books. Then, being naturally inclined towards the technological I also looked at where electronics and paper combine and the kinds of reading experience this leads to.

It was at this point that I set about making the first pop-up eBook. Of course, this was more difficult than I first imagined (though the pop-ups were easy enough to do..) and the book is currently in an almost finished state waiting for me to be hit by inspiration on how to include the instructions without it turning into a 120-page eBook (even if that was possible!)

Next I began to wonder what all of these technological, tangible, paper pop-ups and cut-outs had in common and I came up with the idea that they all augment the reading experience – using form, movement and interaction to go beyond text. The outcome of this conceptual wandering was the Pitch Up & Publish on Augmented Reading where I met fabulous folk who were already thinking about this area and who challenged and inspired me.

So here we are… And where do we go?

Giles has asked me to do another couple of months on bookleteer so I’m currently thinking of where to take the projects I’ve begun so far. Completing the pop-up eBook is an exciting practical challenge and gives me the perfect excuse to browse more websites and blogs by paper artists. Alongside this I’m planning to explore the broader role of books-as-objects – a topic that came up in the Pitch Up & Publish. This might mean thinking about books as symbols of knowledge, identity, or markers of reading achievements. Another strand I’ll follow will look at sharing – sharing the making and sharing the reading. I’m not sure where this will go yet but if it’s anything like the last couple of months it’s going to be an interesting journey…