PU&P 10 Augmented Reading: Thursday 1 July

Date: Thursday 1 July 2010
Time: 2pm – 5pm
Location: Proboscis Studio, 4th Floor, 101 Turnmill Street, London EC1M 5QP
Map :
Cost: Free!

Our next Pitch Up & Publish – No. 10 – will focus on the challenges and opportunities of using for making and sharing books that go beyond text to call on form, movement and interaction to add to the reader’s experience. Designers, paper artists, augmented reality researchers, architects and others are invited to take part in a hands-on exchange of knowledge, ideas and techniques of how the eBook format (and other forms of online sharing) can enrich or subvert the experience of augmented reading.

What do we mean by augmented reading?

Over the last month I’ve explored the world of books as objects and I’ve begun to realise that these projects share the common theme of seeking to augment the experience of reading. Whether the augmentation is through the interplay of graphics and text as in Carmen’s Black on Black or Dusk or through movement as in Rainbow In Your Hand or 3-dimensional form – either in the physical sense like the pop-ups of Robert Sabuda or the digital world of the Magic Book – all of these books engage with the readers’ senses alongside their reading of the content.

Currently, these books tend to exist as one-offs or limited editions and this limits their audience to a small number of people. My experiments with the pop-up eBook began to explore how these books might be shared more widely using the Internet, and in a form where readers are actively involved in the construction of the books. How might sharing in this way alter the nature of these books which seem such precious objects due to their frailty and uniqueness? How does this change the relationship between author/maker and reader? What are the technical challenges of sharing augmented books in this way when the eBooks have such a specific form?

The PU&P session will explore the many different experiences of making books that augment reading. Through conversation and hands-on making we aim to discover how digital technologies might inform the design of future reading experiences.

If you would like to take part then email us on bookleteer at and tell us a little bit about your interest in the topic. This will help us with our preparations for the workshop.

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