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Alpha Club

As part of our thinking into new business and revenue models for Proboscis’ projects and practice, we’ve come up with a different approach (to relying on grants) for the next stage of bookleteer’s development.

To progress bookleteer to a public ‘beta’ version in early 2010 we’re looking for friends and supporters (initially organisations but also individuals) to join bookleteer’s Alpha Club. The club is an alternative support/fundraising initiative, aimed at partners, friends, colleagues and sponsors who share in our ethos of ‘public authoring’, providing public access to tools of creation, production and distribution and who, as members of the Alpha Club, would like to be at the core of the emerging bookleteer community. For a modest, one-off contribution (at least £250) we hope Alpha Club members will help us raise our target of around £10k for the next critical phase of bookleteer’s development.

Membership of the Alpha Club will be exclusive to those who join during the ‘alpha’ stage of bookleteer’s development, establishing a founder group of friends, supporters and sponsors.

Benefits include:

  • Up to 5 bookleteer accounts per member & technical support;
  • access to the bookleteer APIs to experiment with;
  • a private pitch up & publish style training session at our studio
  • a free copy of Proboscis’ bookwork, Social Tapestries: A Case of Perspectives (RRP £40)
  • Inclusion (if desired) on the Alpha Club’s ‘Roll of Honour’ webpage

If you’d like to support bookleteer and become an Alpha Club member, please contact us at bookleteer (at) or donate now via Paypal:

Update 1/11/09: We’re pleased to announce our first two members: DodoLab (Canada) & Architecture Centre Network (UK).

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